Knoops - Rye

May 07, 2016

A couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend decided to go on a little adventure, we live in East Sussex and there are so many beautiful little towns to explore around. We decided to pop to Rye, the town is so beautiful, there's a castle and so many lovely little shops to visit. I'd heard about this café from a few friends and also it is #1 for the whole of East Sussex restaurants on Trip Advisor, so was definitely somewhere we wanted to go. 

They serve every hot chocolate you can imagine, and I think they are the only place in the country that do this. You basically choose the percentage of chocolate you want, so they range from 28% (which is what I went for as I LOVE white hot chocolate) all the way to 99% cocoa. My boyfriend went for the 80% as he is a fan of dark chocolate. The taste of both of them was amazing, we both had cream with them, which came on a separate little plate which is something I've not seen before. They also have a lot of extra flavours you can add into them such as orange, sea salt and even a shot of baileys! I'll definitely be going back soon!

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