'Healthier' Snacks

May 08, 2016

Over the past couple of months I have started eating a lot better and exercising in preparation for the Spartan Beast run that I'm signed up for in October. So far it has been good, the hardest part is the actual training - eating is definitely the easiest part! The only part I've found hard, is sweet treats, I have a huge sweet tooth so I've been searching for things that satisfy those cravings without throwing all my hard work out the window. 
Obviously all these things are eaten in moderation, I wouldn't sit and eat my way through the whole bar of chocolate or bag of popcorn in 1 sitting, and I'm not saying these are 'healthy' foods, but these are just great alternatives that I have found satisfy those evening sweet cravings!

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  1. I love popcorn, though I prefer the simple sea salt one. All of these seem yummy!


  2. The popcorn and strawberry fruit seems good!