Fathers Day Gifts

May 11, 2016

Dads are so hard to buy for. It just so happens that Fathers Day and my dads birthday are pretty close together, with makes the task of finding him gifts even harder. Here are a few ideas of what to get Dads to say thanks for making me an all that..

Most of these gifts are pretty standard when it comes to buying presents for men, but they're all essentials that can always be renewed and replaced, so I'd say they're safe bets for this Fathers day. Some of these are a little more at the higher end of pricing, but either I would join up the fathers day gift with his birthday, or split the amount with my siblings (there's 4 of us, so this works out nicely). Some of these are perfect for a smaller budget too, socks are always a good shout, I don't even understand how men go through and lose so many socks, but they always need new ones.

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  1. Great ideas! Love the idea of the knife set xx

  2. WHY are men SO difficult to buy for?! I always find this! I can buy willy nilly for my mum but when my Dad's birthday swings around I am clueless!.

    Thanks for the tips.

    xx ❤ La Coco Noire

  3. I'm never sure how to buy gifts for my dad so thanks for sharing this!

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